YouTube link recommended but other forms will be accepted. (mov, mp4) 

No live audition

Repertoire Requirements

  • Applicant may choose ONE piece from the standard repertoire (baroque, classical, romantic or contemporary) for the audition.

  • Vocalists may choose ONE song from the following repertoire categories:

            Opera aria

            Classical repertoire 


            Broadway/Musical Theatre/Jazz

            Pop repertoire is NOT acceptable for the audition.

  • One movement of Sonata or Sonatina could be accepted as a separate piece.

  • No arranged music. No repeats should be taken at either audition or recital.

  • All auditions must be performed from memory. Music for the ensembles does not have to be memorized.

  • The judges' decisions are final. 

  • RESULT  will be announced through our website on October 15, 2022

Time Limitation

Performance time limit for audition & virtual recital is 10 minutes. 

There is extended performance time fee of $100 per minute. 

Winners Recital

  • There is NO CHANGING of piece from the live audition/video file/youtube to the recital under any circumstances.

  • Participants at virtual recital will receive Certificate, Medal, Teacher’s Diploma and Video file of their performance. Recital fee is $300 for solo division/$150 for ensemble per member. 

  • Non-participants will receive a Certificate by E-mail in PDF format (free of charge).

  • You may purchase a 'Competition Winner’s Package' for a non-refundable fee of $90 (Non US address:  additional $40 shipping and handling will be charged). The Package includes, Winner’s Certificate & Medal and Teacher’s Diploma. For Ensemble applicants: Additional charge of $20 per each member will apply.

  • 3rd place & Honorable Mention Winners will be held on NV Factory, Englewood, NJ